Entertainers secret throat spray

Ultimate hydration for the vocalist.

Stuffy heads and clogged throats are two common issues of those that need relief from allergy symptoms.  Some find discomfort because of very thick mucus in the nasal cavity and throat.

Using Entertainers Secret…
Spraying Entertainer’s Secret helps to thin out or make this material less viscous or thinner.  Spray into your nose and feel the mucus flow.   A few sprays into your throat keeps the underlying membranes moist and healthy. Although Entertainer’s Secret Throat Relief is not a specific remedy for these problems, it can provide the relief from allergy symptoms and discomfort caused by allergies and post-nasal drip.

We’ve questioned many customers and the majority use Entertainers Secret as a throat spray.  We have heard the effects last longer and are more relieving if it is sprayed in the nose and allowed to drip via the sinus cavity.  The choice is yours but as always please feel free to offer your feedback.

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