Entertainers secret throat spray

Ultimate hydration for the vocalist.

How does it work?

When sprayed orally or nasally into the throat, Entertainer’s Secret Throat Spray adjusts the thickness and flow of the mucus in the sinuses and the passageways of the nose and throat. Introduction of this solution helps mend the discomfort of a dry, sore, scratchy throat and the annoyance of a hoarse tired voice – and works to prevent further occurrences. The nose and throat not only moisturize incoming air but they also serve as filtering mechanisms. Tiny hairs in the nose called cilia are constantly moving back and forth. They sweep away particulate matter – such as dust, smoke or other pollutants – so it can’t enter the lungs. A moist passageway, lined with sticky mucus is a much more efficient filter than a dry one devoid of mucus.

Entertainer’s Secret is to dry throat and hoarse voice what lip balms are for chapped lips or what hand lotions are for skin that has become irritated or chapped due to exposure to detergents, solvents or chemicals. As the best singers’ throat spray, it is not a medication or a “cure” but it can help relieve throat and voice problems when dryness is a contributing factor. Order Yours


Allergy and sinus complaints often involve congestion and discomfort …

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This singers’ throat spray is formulated to resemble natural secretions.

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For anybody who vocalizes– teachers, speakers and especially singers-

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